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Global customer care

The quality of service is a matter of the heart for us

We take care of you to get the most out of your investment, get help quickly when needed, and avoid unnecessary production downtime. We want to offer you the best services because we know how important a smooth production is to you.

HelpDesk’s experienced Engineering team will assist you with non-urgent technical support issues and when you need a replacement part. You can leave a request to contact the HelpDesk at any time. For immediate support, leave your ticket or call the 24/7 Service Hotline, where the Automation team attendant will assist you remotely and by phone 24 hours a day.

With the popular fixed-price OnLineCare ™ and OnSiteCare maintenance agreements, you ensure high utilization of your equipment and anticipate maintenance costs

My team and I are ready to serve.

Global customer support

24/7 Service Hotline

Pro HelpDesk

Our service promise

rapid response

We respond quickly to all customer needs. The Service Hotline is open 24/7

best support

We offer the best technical support and continuous product development

100% quality guarantee

Pre-installation, assembly and testing service. Life-Time Warranty against our design or sizing defects

partner network

We value effective cooperation with our partner network and our representatives


The development, manufacture and quality of our products comply with the certified ISO9001: 2015 quality system

right attitude

As a Finnish family business, we treat our customers like our best friends

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Our services

Artisan / Industrial Line  products



24/7 remote access to your devices with a popular maintenance agreement and you are protected

Easy, comfort and pro levels to suit your needs

maintenance contract


Proactive care with a maintenance contract

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back-office services



Powdea Technology Center

Assembly and testing service for your equipment at the Powdea Technology Center in Kotka

On-site services

Equipment installation

on-site services

Installation instruction

Take a Powdea specialist for instructions on installing the equipment

online services

OnLine training

Take over the programs through online learning

on-site services

Crane inspection

Proactive care to ensure safety

onsite services

Scale inspection

Make sure the weighing data is correct

on-site services

User training

Our equipment deliveries always include customized user training for our customers’ personnel

Remote support


Bring new life to your powder dispensing equipment and elevate them to Industry 4.0 with IoT data collection and reporting.

digital services

Process optimization

Get the most out of your hardware with Powdea’s process optimization service

This is how our service works

Our certified service model in accordance with the ISO9001: 2015 quality system guarantees a professionally managed project from start to delivery. We promise you reliable service at every step.



Powdea Kick off

A Teams or on-site meeting will review the goals, manufacturing process, and equipment of our joint project.



Powdea Planning

The concept, hardware and layout of the plan are presented using 3D modeling.


project management

Powdea Project

ISO9001 compliant project management service and dedicated project leader for the duration of the project.


pre-installation and testing

Powdea Technology Center

Installation and assembly is done before shipment to ensure both quality and functionality


quality control

Powdea Approved

Every shipment is inspected and verified. We will inform the customer of the time of shipment.


Transport and installation

Powdea Delivery

We deliver the equipment to its destination and install it safely and correctly in its right places.


software training

Powdea Training

We train people to use and monitor the software.


remote support

Powdea OnlineCare™

We ensure trouble-free operation remotely and with a fast response time


After-sales services

Powdea OnSiteCare™

We take care of the condition of the equipment with maintenance and spare parts services

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Service Hotline

Please provide contact information and leave a message. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Spare parts and service

Please provide contact information and leave a message. We will contact you as soon as possible.


Please provide contact information and leave a message. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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