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for small bakeries

Make recipes your competive advantage

Dough automation solutions for slightly smaller bakeries and production facilities

As competition intensifies, modernization of bakery traditions is also necessary in small bakeries

Good recipes require precision and success every single time. Homogeneity and taste do not have to depend on the dough or recipe maker. Human errors, memorizations and calculation formulas can be eliminated by digitizing the recipe. Consumable work steps and asthma symptoms can also be eliminated with safe powder handling.

We care and that’s why we want to help small bakeries stay competitive. Over the course of 30 years, together with bakers, we have developed completely new solutions that make everyday work easier, solving the most challenging steps in the baking process and powder handling in bakeries. Now we have grown from a small Finnish Powder Technic to Powdea, which also serves international companies. We want to introduce our new Artisan Line solutions for small bakeries, which help us solve everyday problems and stay competitive.

Artisan Line consists of


Modular and reliable dosing equipment and solutions


Digital management of recipes and ingredients


24/ Online support, On-site services and spare parts

What benefits you achieve?

Digitization of recipes

Dosing mistakes and extra doughs

With our help, even the successor can make the products according to the recipe. Loss is minimized, taste and quality are standardized

Ingredient management

Storage problems and raw material lossi

We help manage and streamline the storage and circulation of raw materials, while improving the traceability of raw materials

Occupational safety

Dusty and heavy work

We help create a clean and dust-free work environment even in small spaces with better work ergonomics


Unproductive work and hurry

Spend your time on product design and developing new products instead of dosing

Work management

Lack of up - to - date information

Make adequacy forecasts based on an earlier time period. Keep your recipes, inventories, and raw material tracking up to date, even from home


Profitability and the investment challenges

Resource work more profitably and calculate the cost value and margin of the products. Develop operations without large investments

Haluatko tietää enemmän? Lataa Artisan line -esite

Artisan Line products for manual dosing

100% accuracy for manual dosing

Digitize your recipes and display them on the Smart Scale or Powdermatic M60 dosing screen


Monitors manual weighing and saves weighing events for quality monitoring


Digitize your recipes with the Dough Master ™ program and make sure you always have the latest recipes in production


Read dosing reports on your laptop of smart device

Artisan Line products for automatic dosing

100% automated dosing

We automate raw material dosing and digitize production data for viewing and tracking. We support the introduction of new ways of working and digital tools, which will reduce waste, increase production efficiency and standardize product quality.


Reduce your labor costs by letting Powdermatic Lite S handle the dosing


At the touch of a button, Powdermatic Lite S dispenses small ingredients into a transfer box according to a recipe


Suitable for dispensing almost all powder and granular substances


The fastest dispensing device on the market for dispensing powder mixtures into collection boxes


Patented Multi-Dose technology that allows more than 100 boxes to be filled per hour


Suitable for dispensing almost all powder and granular substances


Dispense the small ingredients directly into the dough bowl, weighed exactly according to the recipe


Free up your dough maker from flour dispensing for more productive work


Save 3-5% on bakery raw material costs through more efficient use of raw materials and reduced waste

Effective target dust extraction to one extraction point

Automatic cleaning of filter elements

Stand-alone or seamless integration with Powdea dosing equipment

Material handling specialist PowderHow guarantees operational reliability

Are you interested? Build your own dosing solution with the Powdea Solution Configurator

With the help of the solution configurator, you can tailor the hardware to suit your needs and send us a quotation request


Best support and service

You will receive the best services in our industry for the entire life cycle of our equipment. For urgent matters, contact the 24/7 Service Hotline, for other matters call or leave a message

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