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Powdea Powderhow

Which makes us unique

Master-level powder dosing solutions


PowderHow ™ is our philosophy, which means the respect for decades of hands-on experience in the behavior of powder materials and an in-depth understanding of how to create reliable and controlled powder dosing  processes.

PowderHow ™ stands for dedication to excellence and a burning desire to create master-level powder dosing solutions that take our entire industry forward, traditionally known for its dusty, unsafe work environments and unergonomic work steps.

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Dedication to master-level control of powder dosing processes

Product development

Powder dosing innovations that have become the industry standard

Automation & digitization

Software and automation solutions created as a result of our own product development work

Innovations for all stages of powder processing

The engineering spirit that has been passed down from generation to generation is part of our DNA and we are passionate about continuously improving the features and performance of our products. We are distinguished from other companies in our industry by our wide range of products, which consists of our own, self-developed products.

We realized early in the early days of our business that we were unable to take our powder dispensing solutions to the level we wanted by integrating other companies ’products into our systems.

Only the total solution, which consists of our own products in all the core elements of the solution, took the dosing accuracy and process reliability to the level we were satisfied with.

Receiving of powders

Solutions and technologies for the intake and storing of powdery materials such as Powdea indoor silo, Powdea Fluidi™ technology , Powdea Silo Guardian™, patented Powdea Sackmaster™

Conveying of powders

Solutions and technologies for the transfer of powder materials such as Powdea Sure-Flow™ pneumatic conveyors, Vacumatic ™ vacuum conveyors, Atex / Easy Clean screw conveyors

Handling of powders

Powder handling equipment such as Powdea LumbCrusher ™, Powdea EX-Sifter ™ screens, Powdea Ribbon Blender ™ mixers

Dosing of powders

Solutions and technologies for dosing of powders, such as the patented Powdermatic ™ Litedispenser, the patented Powdermatic ™ MIX premix dispenser, Powdea Feeder, Fillermatic ™ vertical packaging machine, Anti-Dust ™ equipment

Dust extraction

Solutions that seamlessly integrate with our dispensers, such as Powdea DustExtractor ™ S / M / L / EX dust extraction units, Anti-Dust technology for dispensers and hopper

Digital products

Our dispensers are seamlessly integrated with control and IT solutions such as Powdea Recipe / Loss-in-Weight Controllers, Dough Master ™ Recipe Management Software, Powdea Analytics , Dough Guardian ™, Silo Guardian ™, Powdea Vault

100% recipe precision with patented solutions

We challenge traditional powder handling methods by replacing non-ergonomic and unsafe dusty work steps with our automated ingredient dispensing solutions, which, thanks to our patented technologies, guarantee 100% recipe compliance for your products.


Powdermatic™ Lite

Powdermatic ™ Lite dispenses your small ingredients accurately according to the recipe, weighed in the collection boxes on the track and frees the baker from dispensing for more productive work. Thanks to the patented Powdea MultiDose ™ multi-dosing technology, Powdermatic ™ Lite is the fastest and most accurate device on the market for dispensing powder mixtures.
Powdermatic ™ Lite is configurable in terms of tank volume and number to perfectly suit your needs. Combine it with the Dough Master ™ program to digitize your recipes and manage your production with real-time production data



Dispense your small ingredients accurately, weighed according to the recipe, directly into the dough bowl. Thanks to the patented Powdea PreMix ™ technology, it is the only pre-mixing dispenser on the market. Thanks to the premixing, the small ingredients that most affect the taste and composition of your dough mix perfectly with the dough.
Powdermatic ™ Lite is configurable in terms of tank volume and number to perfectly suit your needs. Combine it with the Dough Master ™ program to digitize your recipes and manage your production with real-time production data


Powdea Sackmaster

The Powdea Sackmaster takes dust-free and ergonomic emptying of small bags to a new level. Thanks to the patented Anti-Dust ™ technology, the bag is handled all the time under the influence of dust removal, so that no dust exposure occurs and the floors remain clean.

product development and testing center

Powdea Technology Center

We are proud of the new Powdea Technology Center in the immediate vicinity of our head office, which is the heart of our assembly, testing and product development operations. Our Automation team has its own modern facilities for configuring PLC and IT equipment. The implementation of the electrification phase of our equipment and the supervision of contractors take place conveniently in the same facilities where the equipment is assembled.

After the expansion of the Technology Center in the spring of 2022, there will be almost 800 square meters of open floor space for equipment configurations and FAT tests. As our customer, you are welcome to take part in the test runs of your equipment.

At the same time, the Technology Center serves as a component and spare parts warehouse for Powdea Spares. We stock all critical spare parts so we can guarantee fast spare parts deliveries when needed.

Master-level control automation

A perfectly functional dosing solution needs advanced control automation solutions . With the same passion with which we develop our dosing equipment, we also develop our dosing  algorithms and software products.

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