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Enabling sustainable growth
with the right dose of key ingredients

Revolutionizing ingredient workflow in small and medium sized plants and bakeries

Baking traditions need to keep pace with modern-day competition. The best way to do this
is to efficiently automate the recipes, know-how and product development inherited from
one generation to the next. Getting the recipes and formulations just right, with the precise amounts of powdered ingredients, is possibly the most challenging and crucial factor in
creating a consistent finished product. Losing powder in this process is not just a waste of
valuable raw materials and effort, it can also make the work environment hazardous.

We help bakeries and other companies stay competitive by ensuring that powdered ingredients are added in exact and consistent amounts with zero waste. All our customers have the opportunity to streamline and secure their production with a clear and automated  process, regardless of their size. We support the introduction and integration of new work  methods and the digital tools these entail – methods which will reduce waste, increase production efficiency and guarantee a uniformly high quality. Our process allows for the expert management of recipes and guarantees a safe work environment for every employee.

We use digital tools where they will be the most useful. We make things simple and clear.
We eliminate unnecessary steps which may slow and complicate the production process.
Digitization allows production data to be visible and tracked at any time and in any place.
We will facilitate all these changes, ensuring that the equipment easy to use, maintain, and
keep clean. We will listen to and address all your concerns about handling powder, and free
up more of your business potential. We give you all the ingredients you need to achieve success with master-level precision.

Our values

We care


We care about our customers and treat them like our friends. We are there to listen and will adapt to what they need us to do. We also care about the quality of our work and products as they are how we solve the everyday problems of our customers. 
Behind the excellent results is a team that work well together and feel good about what they do. A sure sign of this is the sheer amount of laughter and caring that goes on in our workplace. We believe that great results come from the joy of doing, not working our knuckles to the bone.

We build trust


It is an honour for us to win your trust at both the personal and company level. That trust is important right from the start, and throughout the time we are working together. We promise only what we can do and stick to it. We always correct any mistakes we might make, and are ready to learn from our customers.
Without trust, we cannot do our job. Our team pools its expertise and knowledge – we don’t hoard it

we strive for excellence


We are proud of the expertise we have, and know we do our job well. We want every solution we craft to look good, meet the performance criteria, and help our customers reach their goals. We do everything a notch better, whether it’s in terms of the quality of components or steel used, or the professionalism of the metalworker. We ensure the finished quality of our work by fully inspecting every last detail of our products before their use

We improve

Continuous improvement

We want to be masters at what we do. It means being prepared to do things even better than before and constantly improving our own skills. We rise to the challenges of problem-solving – only too happy to use the practical experience gained from our technological know-how to address the practical problems of our customers. These challenges are the source of new insights and innovations, and they guarantee our competitiveness in the market


From Powder Technic to Powdea

It all started 30 years ago with enthusiasm for solving everyday problems in powder handling. As production methods and industrialization evolve, we work with customers to find new ways to operate, helping and listening. Together, the projects taught through practice how everyday challenges can be solved in a new way. Our genuine caring and solution-oriented passion did not go unnoticed.

There was a constant demand for small specialized know-how in bakeries as well as in other industries. We developed completely new solutions that make everyday work easier, solving the most challenging steps in the baking process and powder handling in bakeries in particular.

A strong solution-oriented engineering spirit is part of our DNA and has been passed down from generation to generation in our family business. Instead of growth, we invested in partnership, continuous product development and superior quality of workmanship. We removed unnecessary features from conventional solutions in the industry and kept everything that customers valued.

We want to continue to help our customers stay competitive and thrive. Our professional pride is reflected in every device and coded application we make. Now we have grown from a small Powder Technic to Powdea serving international companies. Powdea Technologies Oy is part of the family-owned Kousa Group, with which we want to ensure flexibility and service availability also worldwide.



Our production automation solutions help our customers grow their business while improving product safety and well-being at work

With our solutions, our customers significantly reduce raw material losses, achieving their business goals in a sustainable way.

We take care of our environment by designing energy-efficient and sustainable devices with a long life cycle.

We take care of our staff by monitoring the workload and investing in work equipment and working conditions

We carry out our social responsibility by taking care of our competitiveness and profitability. Only in this way can we ensure that jobs are maintained and that taxes are paid in the future.

Powdea insights

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We now have Powdea Technologies Oy under our official name and we use the name Powdea in our marketing. Our business ID will remain the same (0750334-8),
We have strengthened our technology team by hiring a product development engineer  Riikka Kousa
We are proud to announce that we have recruited Petri Taskinen to lead Powdea’s assembly and installation team

Compeny details

Powdea Technologies Oy (0750334-8)

(former PowderTechnic Ltd Kotka)








market share

3.3 M€



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international dealers


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