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Key points

Powdea delivered the dispensing system to SOK Suur-Savo bakery

The dosing system automates dough production

“Thanks to automated dough production, we achieve consistent quality for our products, because raw materials are not left out of the dough due to human error,” Rauno Heikkinen

Powdea automated the dough production of rye bread in SuurSavo Bakery

At SOK’s Suur-Savo bakery in Mikkeli, a modern dosing system for bakery ingredients was installed for making dough and sour dough

The automatic dosing included all the most commonly used ingredients in the bakery, of which 15 are powdered and 3 liquid.

The powders are dispensed from silos and Powdermatic IB200 unit

Of the powdered raw materials, the most commonly used powders, such as wheat and rye flour, are dispensed from Powdea indoor silos. The indoor silos are equipped with filters and Powdea Fluidi™ discharge bottoms to ensure a steady discharge to the vacuum conveyor line. The minor and small ingredients are dispensed from Powdermatic IB200 dosing unit that is placed in a storage room.

Dust-free ingredient dosing to bowls thanks to Anti-Dust™ hood

The accurately weighed ingredients from the silos and the Powdermatic IB200 are conveyed by the Powdea Sure-Flow™ vacuum conveyors to either dough bowls or to the sour dough tanks. When the powder mixture is ready in the receiver hopper, it can be emptied in a controlled and completely dust-free manner to the dough bowl thank to the Powdea’s Anti-Dust hood.

Automatic dosing of liquid yeast and water

Automatic dosing of liquids takes place with Watermatic and Fluidmatic ™SOLO dosing equipment connected to the raw material system. Watermatic is a compact dosing system for water dosing. The water to be dispensed is directed from the Watermatic directly to the dough trolley with the precision of desi and at the desired temperature.

Liquid yeast is dispensed by reducing weighing with Fluidmatic ™SOLO equipment. The dosing equipment located in the refrigerator consists of a liquid container placed on top of load cells and a dosing pump integrated in the equipment, which pumps the liquid into the dough trolley accurately weighed.

Fully automatic sour dough production

Sourdough is produced fully automatically with three 5 m3 sourdough containers and the Powdea  sourdough control automation system. The timing of sour dough production is set with a user-friendly timer menu. After making the settings, the system automatically doses the water and dry ingredients needed for the sour dough. Sour dough mixing and down times are easy to set in the  sourdough system program memory.

POwdea’s recipe controller guarantees 100 % recipe precision

In accordance with the product recipes, the recipe dosing system doses 10-15 pcs of 300-litre raw ingredient batches an hour. The active dosing accuracy maintenance automation monitors dosing accuracies and raw ingredient stock levels. Dosing actions and raw ingredient consumption reports for a desired time period are saved in the system and can be used for a variety of purposes.

“Based on the feedback we’ve gotten from bakeries, we’ve made the recipe automation and user interface so user-friendly that anyone can set up a dough production run, even if they don’t know a thing about computers. This makes it easier to adopt a new system and allows for a seamless transition to the new equipment,” explains Jukka Kousa of Powdea Technologies.


Powdea  installed and launched the new dosing system on a turnkey principle. Equipment installation and electrical wiring was done according the customer’s specifications.

Homogeneous dough thanks to the dispensing system

Rauno Heikkinen, who is responsible for the production of SOK-Suursavo bakery, is satisfied with Powdea’s delivery:

“Thanks to automated dough making, we achieve a consistent quality for our products, as raw materials are not left out of the dough due to human error. At the same time, dust nuisances in dough making have been reduced and the work of the dough maker has been made easier.”

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powdermatic recipe control silo integration

“The dosing system allows us to standardise our product quality and, with more efficient production, we’ll achieve substantial cost-savings from, for example, reduced raw ingredient consumption and lower labour costs,” explains Henriksson Bakery owner, Kenneth Bärlund.

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