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Key points

Automatic silo dosing

Small substances and big bags automatically with the Powdermatic IB200

Subsequent delivery to Powdea’s previous delivery system deliveries

Powdea will supply a dosing system to Estonia’s largest bakery

Powdea delivers a dosing system to Estonia’s largest bakery: Eesti Pagar

With the help of equipment supplied by Powdea, Eesti Pagar automates the production of dough for its new bakery production line

Eesti Pagar’s dosing system delivery includes Powdermatic ™ IB200 equipment for the automatic dosing of small ingredients and ingredients delivered in big bags. Powdermatic ™ IB200 consists of large bag dispensers for widely used ingredients such as sugar and salt, and small dispensers for small items delivered in 25kg bags. These are typically healing agents, dry yeast and gluten. Each ingredient is dosed automatically and weighed accurately according to the recipe.

Pneumatic conveyors transport the ingredients from Powdermatic ™ IB200 to horizontal tanks. From the horizontal tanks, the dry and liquid ingredients are dispensed into the bowls of the dough mixer. Powdea supplied the new Smart Scales for manual weighing, replacing the old Table Scales. The new Smart Scales have a display connected to the recipe controller, which allows the baker to dispense the ingredients to be dispensed manually according to the recipe. The dosing results are stored in a database for quality control.

Recipes are processed on an office computer

The prescription controller is connected to the office computer for editing recipes and dispensing report. Dosing reports are automatically stored in an SQL database for quality control.

AS Eesti Pagar

The largest bakery in Estonia
Eesti Pagar is the largest bakery in Estonia and our brand has been seen on local shelves since 2004

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powdermatic recipe control silo integration

“The dosing system allows us to standardise our product quality and, with more efficient production, we’ll achieve substantial cost-savings from, for example, reduced raw ingredient consumption and lower labour costs,” explains Henriksson Bakery owner, Kenneth Bärlund.

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