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Key points

Dispensing of small substances according to the prescription with Powdermatic equipment

Dosing of main raw materials from big sacks

Pneumatic conveying of dry matter to flour scales

Exact dosing according to the prescription

Powdea supplies dough-making automation system for Europe’s second largest gluten-free bakeries

Moilas GF, Europe’s second-largest gluten-free bakery has chosen Powdea as the supplier of its dispensing system for its new bakery in Naarajärvi. All the most commonly used raw materials – 26 dry matter and 6 liquids – were included in the automatic dosing system.

Dispensing of small substances according to the prescription with Powdermatic equipment

Small ingredients (20 pcs.) Are dispensed accurately weighed from a Powdermatic ™ unit placed in storage. The weighing trolley included in the equipment collects the prescription quantities by weighing on a gain-in-weigj basis and transfers the mixture to be conveyed by pneumatic conveyors.

Dosing of main raw materials from large sacks

The main ingredients of the dough, such as sugar, corn starch and potato flour, are dispensed from the big bags to the intermediate scale at the same time as the Powdermatic ™ unit dispenses the small ingredients. Upon completion of the intermediate weighing process, the ingredients are transported to the flour scales by a vacuum conveyor.

Pneumatic conveying of dry matter to flour scales

The precisely weighed powders are transferred from the intermediate scale and Powdermatic by pneumatic conveyors to a flour scale, from where they are dispensed in a controlled and dust-free manner into dough pots.

Automatic dosing of liquids

Automatic dosing of liquids is performed with Watermatic ™ and Fluidmatic ™ dosing units connected to the raw material system. Watermatic is a compact dosing unit for water dosing. The water to be dispensed is passed directly from the Watermatic to the dough hopper to the nearest 1 deciliter and at the desired temperature.

Oil, syrup and other liquids are dispensed by weighing with a Fluidmatic ™ liquid dispensing unit. The dosing unit located in the raw material storage space consists of two liquid tanks placed on the horizontal sensors and an integrated dosing pump that pumps the accurately weighed liquid into the dough hopper.

Exact dosing according to the prescription

According to product recipes, the prescription dispensing system dispenses up to 16,300 liters of raw material per hour. Active dosing accuracy maintenance automation monitors dosing accuracy and raw material inventory. Dosing operations and raw material consumption reports for the desired period are stored in the system and can be used for many purposes.


Gluteenittomien tuotteiden edelläkävijä

A pioneer in gluten-free products

Moilanen’s gluten-free bakery is the second largest in Europe and one of the most modern gluten-free bakeries in the world. We have accumulated strong know-how and experience for more than twenty years.

Moilanen’s gluten-free bakery is one of the most advanced in bakery technology in Europe. The products are chilled and frozen dishes from the oven. They retain their freshness and taste until they are enjoyed. Freezing also ensures that no preservatives need to be added to the products.

The range and importance of gluten-free products has grown year by year. Today, the selection includes a wide selection of plain bread, rolls, pizzas, savory snacks and sweet pastries. We also manufacture a variety of seasonal and catering products. Moilas gluten-free sets are constantly being developed, and there will be new products and alternatives to a gluten-free diet all the time.

Moilas, an innovative player in its field, was the first to introduce a pan-European gluten-free product license (Pan-European Cross Grain License), which includes the mark “Moilas gluten-free products”, which depicts gluten grain in the cob symbol. The labeling of the products with the symbol makes them easily identifiable and clearly indicates that the product is suitable for a gluten-free diet.

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powdermatic recipe control silo integration

“The dosing system allows us to standardise our product quality and, with more efficient production, we’ll achieve substantial cost-savings from, for example, reduced raw ingredient consumption and lower labour costs,” explains Henriksson Bakery owner, Kenneth Bärlund.

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