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for small bakeries

Key points

Automatic dispensing of small substances in transfer boxes

Dosing reports for quality control

Estonia’s largest bakery ordered Powdermatic ™ Lite to automate the dosing of small ingredients

Powdermatic ™ Lite significantly reduces the manual work in dough making by dispensing manually weighed ingredients automatically.

AS Eesti Pagar, Estonia’s largest bakery company, has ordered its patented Powdermatic ™ Lite main bakery in Paide.

Better quality and cost savings

Powdermatic ™ Lite significantly reduces manual labor in dough making by currently dispensing manually weighing ingredients automatically. The dosing of small ingredients is logically controlled, so human errors in manual dosing are also eliminated.

Combined with other dosing system

The Powdermatic ™ Lite unit is connected to the recipe dispensing system provided by Powdea so that when the user selects a product recipe and initiates automatic dispensing of ingredients from silos and large bags, the same recipe is displayed on the Powdermatic Lite screen. At the touch of a button, Powdermatic Lite ™ automatically starts dispensing small ingredients into the transfer box. When the dosing from the silos and large sacks is complete and the ingredients have been dispensed into the dough bowl, the user adds a batch of small ingredients from the transfer box to the dough bowl and begins mixing.

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powdermatic recipe control silo integration

“The dosing system allows us to standardise our product quality and, with more efficient production, we’ll achieve substantial cost-savings from, for example, reduced raw ingredient consumption and lower labour costs,” explains Henriksson Bakery owner, Kenneth Bärlund.

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