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Key points

Automatic raw material dosing system

Raaka-aineiden annostelujärjestelmä, Suomen Nestlé Oy

An automatic raw material dosing system supplied by Powdea Oy has been introduced at Suomen Nestlé Oy’s Turengi ice cream factory.

The system included a Powder Mat ™ in-line dispenser for five raw materials, a pneumatic vacuum conveyor, a powder scale, a large bag emptying and dosing equipment, and dosing automation to control the system.

Dosing automation was integrated into the plant’s Alcont control system. Powdea delivered the system commissioned and installed.

Nestlé Oy’s ice cream factory in Finland

Valio ice cream products are made at Nestlé Oy’s Tureng factory in Finland. Today, the ice cream factory is the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries.

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powdermatic recipe control silo integration

“The dosing system allows us to standardise our product quality and, with more efficient production, we’ll achieve substantial cost-savings from, for example, reduced raw ingredient consumption and lower labour costs,” explains Henriksson Bakery owner, Kenneth Bärlund.

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