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for small bakeries

Enabling sustainable growth with the right dose of key ingredients

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Take the quality of your products and work to a new level with 100% precise ingredient management and monitoring.
How ?
Automate your dosing process with 100% accuracy and real-time monitoring.
How ?
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Do you want to learn to master all the ingredients of success with master-level accuracy?

We help you modernize and automate your ingredient dispensing process with simple, innovative and sustainable solutions. With our help, you ensure the recipe compliance of your products, you know the circulation of raw materials and you always know what and how much you make. We are your support team that makes your work easier. We listen to your needs and make production changes profitable and clear to manage. As waste is reduced, production becomes more efficient and product quality becomes more standardized, you will have time for the work where you are invaluable.

Ask, and we will answer. Tell us your challenge, we’ll help!

Increase your competitiveness by improving the quality of work and recipes
Make work processes safe and precise with easy-to-use eqipment of the highest quality
Modernize ingredient management to support growth, with a small investment
For small bakeries

Artisan line

Make recipes and dough production your competitive advantage, with simple modern tools.

For industrial bakeries

Industrial line

Take the quality of your products and work to a new level with 100% precise ingredient management and monitoring

What makes us unique ?

Powdea PowderHow

PowderHow ™ is our philosophy, which means the respect for the behavior of powdery materials generated by decades of hands-on experience and an in-depth understanding of how to create reliable and controlled powder dosing processes.

our services for our equipment and software

The best support and service

You will receive the best services in our industry for the entire life cycle of our equipment. For urgent matters, contact the 24/7 Service Hotline, where you will be served by our Automation team. If you need technical support or a spare part, contact Pro Helpdesk, which is operated by our experienced Engineering team. You can leave your contact request and Service Ticket with us 24/7.


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